TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ONLINE BOOKING ( Rev. 04) Effective Date: 01/10/2018

  • Check-in & Check-out Time: –12:00 noon.
  • Food – Only basic food facility on demand shall be made available to the tourist(s) on payment basis.
  • Booking Time – Booking of FRH/IHT for nature visit can be done, 90 days in advance before the visit to these FRH/IHT. However instant booking (same day/one day before) can be done subject to the availability of the accommodation and confirmation from respective DFO/CCF Eco-Tourism.
  • Payment – 100% advance payment including taxes at time of booking.
  • Identity– Any valid photo identity proof to be given at the time of booking. Kindly carry the same ID proof and photocopy of online booking invoice to the FRH for conformation/record.
  • During Stay
    • Visitors will be governed by all applicable prevailing rules & regulations.
    • It is the responsibility of the persons making the reservation to ensure that all personal details as provided at the time of making reservations are complete and accurate. Entry may be denied to persons whose personal details are found to be false or incomplete in any respect.
    • Visitors are advised to acquaint themselves with gate timings and arrive well before the time to avoid any inconvenience. Timings are seasonal and changes during summer, winter and monsoon months.
    • Consumption of alcoholic drinks and non-vegetarian food is not permitted inside the FRH/IHT. Visitors may not carry such products. All visitors entering the various ecotourism zones of FRH agree not to be under the influence of any alcoholic, narcotic or psychotropic substances at any point of time during their stay in the FRH.
    • Carrying of firearms of any kind is not permitted within the FRH/IHT premises.
    • Pets are not permitted inside the FRH.
    • Smoking inside the FRH precincts and lighting of any kind of fire is strictly prohibited.
  • Liabilities: During eco stay at FRH, visitors are responsible for any damage in terms of furniture, garden plants, outhouse etc.
  • Advice– Visitors will keep outhouse and rest house neat and clean.
  • On-Demand– Visitors will be provided extra bed sheet, crockery, lantern etc by rest house watchman.


  • Pre-cancellation of reservation due to 

Any fire accident.

Any natural disaster.

Any other exigency.

  • Cancellation Policy –

If the booking is cancelled by the visiting tourist before 15 days from the date of booking, 90% refund shall be made excluding GST 12% if any & Transaction charges.

If the booking is cancelled by the visiting tourist between 14 to 5 days from the date of booking, 50% refund shall be made excluding GST 12% if any & Transaction charges.

If the booking is cancelled by the visiting tourist between 4 to 0 days from the date of booking, no refund shall be made.

Eco-tourism society of Himachal Pradesh may cancel booking under the following circumstances

Exigencyof officialvisits, and hence requirement of accommodation. In such cases, Eco-tourism society of Himachal Pradesh reserves the right to cancel the booking with one of following re-allocations/alternatives:-

  1. Alternative accommodation in nearby Forest Rest House will be provided.
  2. Accommodation in the same FRH with alternative dates.
  3. Refund of full amount except online transaction charges.
  4. Alternative accommodation in nearby hotels up to double of the booking cost shall be provided at departmental cost.
  5. Advance amount to be adjusted in another activity of society i.e. trekking, hiking etc.
  • Rescheduling of Visit:

Rescheduling may be done depending upon the availability of accommodation with additional 10% rescheduling charges of the total booking amount.

Note: –

Please remember that this is your eco visit, so please don’t expect modern facilities like A.C. , T.V. , Wi-Fi etc in the FRH’s except only a few.

Power supply for fans and electricity is subject to the availability of power/solar power.